Albanian MP tests positive with CoVid-19, chastises state of health system

27/03/2020 15:17

MP Adriatic Alimadhi from the so-called DP ‘new opposition’ has tested positive with CoVid-19.

He himself made the announcement through a Facebook post, in which among other things he criticized the government’s reaction to the epidemic and the difficult conditions of the health system.

“I inform my beloved people that I feel better now, I am good for health,” he writes, while further describing the course of action he took when he learned he was infected.

“On the 24th of this month in the late hours of the night I went to the emergency. They did the visit, the tests, and a graph for the lungs. I was escorted to the Sanatorium by ambulance. But what ambulances do you talk about? When I got into it, it was like in a fridge, with open windows that couldn’t shut. A vehicle that never meets the parameters for the sick.”
“ My wife who also caught that virus was telling me how are they not ashamed of these, why do they lie?!

“Mr. Prime Minister, my positive result came on the 24th and today is the 27th, why there is no interest in my people who have been in contact with me, they call 127 and in response they get ‘if you have the temperature, take paracetamol etc…” writes MP Alimadhi in his post.

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