Albanian migrant returns as a farmer/ Opens cow farm in Fushë-Kruja

14/04/2021 21:20

After 20 years working in emigration, Sazan Sahitaj has returned to Albania to become a farmer. He has built a farm where he raises cows for milk and says he is very attached to it.

“I came back and decided to set up this farm that I love very much. I want to say that my wife also is passionate about it and helps me a lot “, says Sazani.

“The locals buy my milk and I am very satisfied. Cows are like children, you give them a name and then they answer whenever they are called.”

He then introduces the animals, one of them, Princess, he says he loves her most. “She is loving, special, and accepts the calves of other cows. I will never take her away, I will have her here as long as God gives it breath, I love her very much “.

“Next is the Laramania, still very capricious, likes neither me nor the vet. While Lazy is called that as it will not wake up in the morning. You have to call it 50 times, we clean her first one and milk her last”.

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