Albanian intelligence detects espionage attempts in state offices from official recruited by “non friendly” country

24/06/2022 21:28

State Intelligence Service published the report for 2021 where among the examples was mentioned how a “diplomat” recruited by foreign officials with access to classified information was monitored and discovered.

“An example from the field of counter-espionage was that of monitoring the activity of a foreign employee suspected of working for an intelligence agency of a non-friendly country and with diplomatic cover, which was evidenced by his busy activity and contacts with various citizens of our country, including employees of the central and local administration, due to the diplomatic function it used as a cover.

“The advantage of this operative is the knowledge of the Albanian language and the dexterity in establishing contacts. In his meetings, the operative is reported to have given envelopes with different amounts of money, for unknown purposes “.

The authorities did not mention any measures taken or other developments in the case, but signaled their vigilance against foreign efforts of infiltration or destabilization.

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