Albanian and foreign activists protest destruction of the Valbona River

17/09/2018 22:03

Residents of Dragobia, Tropoja, joined by Albanian and foreign activists, started protesting since the early hours of this morning, They oppose the construction of a hydropower plant in the Valbona river.

They blocked the entrance to the working site for three hours, without clashing with representatives of the company. Then they left peacefully.

Roku is a Slovenian activist who is there to defend rivers in the Balkans: “It is the fifth time that I protest here in Valbona. There is no other place in Europe like this valley. Seeing this destruction is simply crazy. This is why we are here”.

Catherine Bohne is another foreign activist, an American woman, who has already got fame in Albania. Years ago she was captivated by the site so she decided to build a hotel just by the river, where she actually lives.

She is one of the initiators of the protest and cannot hide her disappointment about how officials work in Albania. “They are working without a construction permit and against the Court Order. Where is the government? If there is no government, there will be people”, she said.

The company is working intensively and the tunnel that will make the Valbona river disappear is taking shape.

The request filed by local residents at court has been returned to a lower court. They appeal everyone to join.

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