Albania ratifies the pension agreement with Italy, 500 thousand Albanian immigrants benefit

16/05/2024 21:14

The agreement between Albania and Italy on the pensions of Albanians living there and tha Italians living in Albania, was ratified today in the parliament.

The agreement on pensions with Italy is important because of the very large number of beneficiaries, both for about 500 thousand Albanians living in Italy, as well as several thousand Italians living in Albania.

One of the effects of this agreement is the promotion of population movement.

A large part of Albanians immigrated in the early 90s and are now at retirement age or have reached this age.

To receive a pension in Italy you need at least 20 years of work, while in Albania you need at least 15 years of work. With this agreement, all those who did not meet the minimum requirement of years of work in the separate countries, now have the opportunity to benefit as the years of work in the two countries are combined.

But from the agreement there are other benefits arising from Italian laws. For example, in Italy the so-called ‘Quote 103’ is applied, if the immigrants have 38 years of work, combining the years in Albania and Italy, and his age is 65, then he may retire immediately.

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