Albania bans cucumber imports

30/05/2011 15:00

Health Minister Petrit Vasili explained to the citizens that Albania’s
risk of being infected by Escherichia Coli bacteria at this moment is
zero; however, the system has increased caution measures.

“Albania’s danger at this moment is zero. We do not have imports from these countries, because we have local production. The citizens will be notified in the future if there will be high levels of danger”, Vasili declared.

The minister said that the citizens who travel in infected countries must be cautious. However, the bacteria allegedly spread from vegetables, mainly cucumber imported from Spain towards some EU countries, is not contagious from human to human.

The symptoms caused by these bacteria 8-10 days after incubated in human organism are mild fever, bloody diarrhea and vomiting, anemia and renal insufficiency. Health Minister Vasili recommended any citizen to meet the doctor if any of these signs had to be identified. Meanwhile, doctors urge increased hygiene for stopping the fast spread of the bacteria.

“Vegetables must be washed very carefully, and boiled for several minutes. All kitchen appliances must be washed very carefully and people must increase personal hygiene”, Vasili declared.

Although Albania does not import vegetables from Spain, and, due to the cucumber season were in, we don’t import it neither from our neighbors, National Food Authority has issued an order for not importing cucumbers from any EU country.

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