Air pollution map

26/05/2011 17:20

Albania is one of 32 countries where air is polluted with breathable
dust, nitrogen oxides and toxic matters produced by industry.

The new map published by the European Commission and European Environmental Agency, in cooperation with the Institute for a Livable and Stable Environment from the Center of Common Researches will enable citizens identify main sources that create air pollution in 32 European Countries.

Air pollution is a serious health threat mainly in children and people with breathing problems. The report says that the authorities of respective countries must undertake all necessary measures to improve air quality.

Prof. Jacqueline MC. Glade, executive director for European Environmental Agency, declared that these maps give European citizens all needed information for main pollution sources.

“By informing citizens about the air pollution from transport, families and other sources in the places they live, we enable them to know what to ask from authorities in order to improve air quality”, says McGlade.

The map discovers the hottest points of ammonia release (NH3), which comes mainly from agriculture along the River Po Valley in Italy, Britain, France and Benelux countries.


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