Agricultural University is saved after the registration of 1350 undergraduates, still 450 free places

27/10/2020 16:06

The Agricultural University of Tirana (UBT) with a tradition of almost 70 years is conducting a campaign to attract graduates to register in its studies.

Efforts seem to have paid off as the 4 days of free registration started from October 27th to October 31st.

The rector of the university Fatbardh Sallaku said: “5 days means that those high school students, graduates, who were not registered in the initial three phases, are invited to come to the secretariat of UBT, to apply and register.

“We have 28 Bachelor programs.

“In 8 of them the quotas have been exhausted but in the other 20 there are still free quotas, in other words, there are about 450 vacancies in the fields of Agronomy, Zootechnics, Forest Engineer, Fisheries, Horticulture or Plant Protection, etc. these branches to give a profession, which is demanded by the labor market today.

“If you look at the structure e.g. of the Ministry of Agriculture that operates today in the field and administration have staff with an average age of about 58 years, which means that the structures of the Ministry of Agriculture need new blood.
“There is no branch at UBT that will close this year and so far there are about 1350 graduates registered in 3 phases.

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