Agrement for financing of Vorë-Hani i Hoti railway is signed, minister from London: A foundation stone for new projects

26/02/2024 21:08

Minister of Infrastructure Balluku was in London today, where she signed an agreement with the EBRD for the financing of the Vorë-Hani i Hoti railway.

Balluku described this agreement as important for Albania and a marked day for the energy sector. According to the minister, with this new step “as we have also laid some foundation stones for the projects we have in the future”.

“But today was a marked day for the energy sector as well, where in a panel with all the guests who came from the energy field, but also ministers from the Western Balkans region. While we shared with all investors, representatives of the banking system and of course all other partners who have supported us in our journey, who are the plans for the future”, said Balluku.

The minister further on appreciated the tourism figures in Albania, adding that they should be supported by the energy system.

“Tourism must be supported by infrastructure, just like any other sector that is developing at this moment in Albania. We talked, also during the meeting with the President of the EBRD, about all future plans. They are interested in supporting developments and investments in the water and sewerage sector, but of course also in green transport, as an important alternative”, she added.

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