A day after the clashes, situation calms down in the north of Kosovo, the police guard the municipal buildings

27/05/2023 15:29

The situation appeared calm a day after clashes between the Kosovo Police and local ethnic Serb groups.

Near the buildings of Leposavic Municipality, Zveçan and Zubin Potok, as well as inside the premises, there is an increased presence of the Kosovo Police.

The situation in the municipality of Leposavic is reported to be calm and the situation has returned to normal, where shops and restaurants have opened.

The Kosovo Police assisted the three new Albanian mayors of Zveçan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic municipalities to enter the municipal buildings, which were previously used by Serbian “parallel” governing structures.

This action was opposed by groups of local Serbs, who clashed with the police.

Security authorities used stun grenades and tear gas, while local Serbs threw stones at them.

Several police cars were burnt and five policemen were reportedly injured.

Meanwhile, Lista Serbska, the largest party of ethnic Serbs in Kosovo, which enjoys the support of Belgrade, demanded today the withdrawal of special units from the north.

This party said that Serbia should stop the dialogue with Kosovo, until the police forces are withdrawn.

On the other hand, the NATO alliance and many diplomats demanded that the situation be immediately deescalated and dialogue between the parties be reached.

Yesterday there were strong reactions from internationals who condemned the actions of Pristina for the forced entry of new mayors into the municipalities.

The United States warned that such actions will result in “consequences” in bilateral relations with Kosovo. But the Kosovar authorities blamed Serbia and “illegal structures and criminal gangs” for the created situation, as they said that the Kosovo Police was only carrying out its duties.

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