9 credit and enforcement agency employees are arrested for the scheme of abuses through loans

23/05/2024 16:18

Vehtim Karaj and the person who became guarantor for the loan he received, had 22 hectares of land seized, because he was not able to repay 1 million ALL left and was listed as ‘bad creditor’.

His name, along with dozens of others, are on the list of witnesses of the Tirana prosecutor’s office, which, after four years of investigation, has analyzed how five financial executing institutions took over 3,999 loans from the ProCredit bank that were considered “bad” or “unpaid’, for a total amount of 7,299,203 euros.

But then, using an obligation scheme that is considered theft, they forced citizens to take out loans even though they had no opportunity to repay, while blocking their houses, vehicles, land and salaries through cooperating enforcement companies.

The three Tirana enforcement companies, Zig, Star FS and Flash and the two companies Micro Credit Albania and Adca are suspected of having acted in cooperation, applying late interest from 2 to 8 percent. In one case, citizen Tomor Hidaj, who had received two loans, was allegedly deceived into paying off the remaining debt by taking a third one, as supposedly the conditions for the payment of the installments would be eased. In the vicious circle of loans, Hysni Troci also entered, just four days before closing the final obligation, was forced to sign a new contract.

The court has approved nine security measures, five of which are prison terms for Aldo Daka, Albert Gegë, Edmond Matos, Arben Meskuti, while Alban Kote. Kejda Seferi, Elda Ibro, Alketa Tanushi, and Jodisa Dervishi are under house arrest.

The prosecutor’s office told Top Channel that the enforcement companies have not submitted the files, with a total of 5,700 files that continue to weigh directly on the interests of citizens, with a total figure of 17,000 individuals affected by the scandal.

Top Channel