87-year-old Albanian Muslim has been fasting for 75 years: It is easier now in old age

12/05/2021 21:03

Tonight marks the end of fasting for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, while for Vehbi Hashani this becomes the 75th Ramadan fast.

Haxhi Bihu, as he is otherwise known in Obiliq near Prishtina in Kosovo, is 87 years old and says that he started fasting for the first time at the age of 13.

He says that it is easier for him to fast in old age than in his youth, because as a farmer he had to work in the fields.

He points out that fasting, in addition to its religious role, also helps purify the human body.

In addition to fasting, Haji Bihu confesses that he is not absent from the mosque for the performance of five prayers, including tarawih. Although the oldest, he is the first to open the door of the mosque to receive other believers.

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