54 hectares of coastal land grab in Dhërmi, authorities return the right to the convicted falsifiers

19/09/2020 15:38

Top Channel through documents reveals in the next land grabbing scandal of how 54.6 hectares confiscated as obtained through forgery, are being reclaimed by the convicted falsifiers by reopening a closed process.

The event is signed by the prosecutor Dritan Marku and the head of the Vlora prosecution, Erion Cela, who in this case delegated the signature to his spokesman Albert Kulici.

According to the document, it is about separate land plots in Dhërmi, which reach a total of 546,000 m2.

Enkelejda Mucaj, state attorney general on July 18 informs senior justice officials, what is happening with the properties registered through forgery in favor of Thoma Petra Beja and Fotina Zaho Beja.

The State Attorney says:

This decision taken by the Court of Appeal of Vlora, which with decision no. 495 dated 18.10.2012, who decided the guilty declaration of the issuers of the act, citizens Jorgji Buta and Artan Llazari “For the criminal offense of forgery of documents”. As this property was registered through forged documents, the court of Vlora on 15.07.2016, has decided: Taking the property security measure “preventive sequestration” of the total area of ​​54.6 hectares, located in the village of Gjileke-Dhermi.

Unofficially we have become aware of the fact that in July 2020, the Prosecution of the Judicial District of Vlora, addressed the Court of Vlora with a request” Retrial of the defendants Petro Beja and Theodhori Beja and this court with the decision dated 22.07.2020 decided to dismiss the criminal case against Petro Beja and Theodhori Beja, as well as to lift the preventive sequestration measure of 54.6 hectares of land in the village of Gjilekë Dhërmi.

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