30 years from the exodus, Meta publishes the photo inside the German Embassy: Time for the Albanians to return to their country

02/07/2020 15:29

President Ilir Meta has published on social networks a photo taken 30 years ago, where Albanian citizens trying to flee the country are seen inside the German embassy in Tirana.

While congratulating the EU presidency take over from Germany, Meta claims that now is the time for the return of Albanians to their country.

Meta’s post:

This photo was taken 30 years ago inside the German Embassy in Tirana, where about 3200 Albanians asked for asylum, trying to start a new life in the free world. The opening of the doors of the German Embassy struck at the heart of one of the most brutal dictatorship in Europe.

Thirty years later, in the name of these extraordinary human sacrifices, we must meet all the conditions as soon as possible to open EU membership negotiations during the German Presidency.

The German EU presidency is an excellent opportunity, and a real test for anyone of us, to not only talk but also work for a European Albania.

Gratitude to all Albanians who with their courage 30 years ago gave Albania a new direction. Time to fulfill the dream of every citizen, to make Albania like the rest of Europe.

The time for the Albanians to return to their country.

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