28-store apartment building by the Golem beach will be demolished. Builder who threatened engineers, wanted by police

05/04/2019 22:49

The Institution of Construction has decided the demolition of the 28-store apartment building that was erected to the first line of the Golem beach, in Durres.

The building has many problems and it is even unsafe. The construction permit has also been violated.

For this reason, engineer Agron Hysenlliu was threatened by Enver Shala, the owner of the building. He is on the run after the police started looking for him.

The building, which also has residents, was full of problems. The metal construction at the additional stores that were built illegally put the lives of the workers at risk, and also that of the residents.

He had another building that was demolished, the Kamelia Complex in Durres, in 2013.

He has also built another 30-store building near the Durres port, eight stores of which are ilegal.  The authorities have tried several times to interfere, but they have never acted.

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