2006 decision: Erzeni River, unexploitable

26/07/2011 19:45

Erzen River was excluded from the list of exploitable rivers with a decision taken on 21 June 2006 by the National Water Council, with a
signature of the Prime Minister Berisha and then Environmental Minister
Lefter Xhuveli.

In this list are sanctioned only the rivers that are allowed to be exploited for gravel, and Erzen is not one of them. The decision clearly specifies the locations where gravel can be collected, and also the months of the year when this procedure is forbidden.

In 2006, the government ordered the removal of all inert processing implants in the areas that are not included in this list that does not include Erzen River.

But this decision is not the only that forbids the exploitation of the Erzen River.

On 11 February 2010, the Environmental Commission in the Parliament, Minister Fatmir Mediu reported on the state of the rivers, their problems and their riverbed management.

In front of the majority MPs, Minister Mediu states that Erzen River has been excluded from the list of exploitable rivers.

According to him, this decision was taken by invalidating the one taken in 2003, which allowed Erzen gravel to be dug out.

Erzen River, Drin River from Spathari to Berdica, Shkumbin and Vjosa River, from Mifoli Bridge to five kilometers upstream are not allowed to be exploited.

Mediu also requested legal measures to be taken against a series of illegal subjects that conducted private activities in this basin.

Regardless to the decision taken by the National Council of Water, which has the signature of the Prime Minister, the declaration of the Environmental Minister highlights the decision for not allowing the exploitation of this river, due to the risks that brings the destruction of its riverbed.

Today, Erzen has turned into a big construction site which is totally destroying the river/
Furthermore, everything is being made in broad daylight, a few meters from the national road where drive not only common citizens, but also high rank officials.

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