2 passers-by injured as 71-year-old shots at police after domestic conflict in Elbasan

24/09/2020 15:12

The city of Elbasan is shocked today by a serious event where two people were injured.

Around 13:20, in the neighborhood “11 Nëntori”, the citizen F. Zh., Had a conflict with her husband, Lefter Zhidru, 71 years old, who at the moment the police arrived in the apartment and started to fire a Kalashnikov rifle in their direction.

As a result of the shooting, two passers-by were slightly injured, L. S., 22 years old and A. K., 21 years old. Momentarily the 71-year-old is continuing the stand-off with the Police.

The Special Forces and the General Patrols have established a security perimeter and continue to call on this suspect to surrender, although he continues to resist by constantly firing at the Police.

The apartment from which this citizen is shooting is surrounded and the Police has placed a wide perimeter of the fence, to prevent injury to other passers-by.

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