Rama on VOA: "We'll discuss electoral reform, not just follow opposition's menu"


Rama on VOA: "We'll discuss electoral reform, not just follow opposition's menu"
The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared in an interview for VOA that the June 25th elections have opened a new chapter for Albania.

“We will do everything possible to have a better Albania, with a stronger economy, more employment, more foreign investments and better services for our citizens, from bureaucracies to health care”, Rama said.

Rama answered to a series of questions regarding Albanian actuality.

Approach to Opposition - “Anyone chooses his own approach. It is safe to say that no approach and no path can leave out the fact that Albania needs everyone. We will insist to invite other factors every time that the possibility shows up, because our country has lost too much time with conflicts, which has not served us anything good”.

Waste Import Law - “We will bring back a wide discussion with the public about the waste import law. There have been many political charlatans trying to deceive the public for profit. We will take the necessary time to show that this is about a modern process, which makes Albania more European. We need a recycling system for green waste, as everyone else”.

Presidential Decorations - “The law for decorations requires a review for improving the legal initiative. It is positive that a majority which has an absolute majority reflects before it starts voting.

New IMF agreement –  “It is a new program within the IMF portfolio. It is not the continuity of the same program. This is normal when we have created an economic stability. The role of the IMF is not as it used to be, but it is necessary”.

Electoral Reform - “DP must understand that they have the obligation to hear the requests of the other party. We cannot progress by simply following the menu of the other party, but by including our joint views in the dialogue agenda. The dialogue table cannot have a menu decided by one side”.

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