Tension at the DP, Basha: "No fractions as long as I am leader"
Tension at the DP, Basha: No fractions as long as I am leader
The Democratic Party assembly meeting turned lasted four long hours, showing the problems that the biggest party of the opposition is currently having.

The DP leader, Lulzim Basha, rejected Patozi’s proposition to allow fractions. “There will be no fractions as long as I am leader, but there will be space for any democrat who wants to contribute to the mutual goal, the national one, that of liberating the country from crime”, Basha said.

However, Basha promised radical changes in the statute, which was also an unanimous decision taken by the DP leadership.

“Changes that will make the voice of any member be heard, so that our party is stronger and more democratic”, Basha said.

During the meeting there was tension, even almost a physical clash between Valbona Mezini and Jemin Gjana, with the former accusing the latter of manipulating the results.

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