Bektashi pilgrimage at Tomor Mountain. President Ilir Meta among devotees
Bektashi pilgrimage at Tomor Mountain. President Ilir Meta among devotees
The difficult road to the Tomorr Mountain is pleasant to the pilgrims who visit this place each year.

The story starts with Abaz Ali, who lost his life at the Karbala Battle, when the flag holder, Abaz Ali, died while fighting for equality and democracy.

Bektashi Albanians honor him today on the top of the Tomor Mountains, a pilgrimage which also honors other well known Bektashi, such as Naim Frasheri, Father Myrtezaj of Kruja, father Qamil Gllava and Father Ali Tomori.

“The visitors this year were even higher than 150.000 and 200.000 that we have had in the past. The World Center has taken measures for the road infrastructure. We have prayed for water in all taps. We are working for another slaughterhouse for the sacrifices”, says Hajji Baba Edmond Brahimi, World Leader of the Bektashi Order.

The Albanian President, Ilir Meta, present in this ceremony, reminds how 25 years ago he was there with the then Bektashi World Leader to inaugurate the first pilgrimage tent.

“I couldn’t imagine 25 years ago, when we arrived here with Baba Reshat to start a tradition that has not been stopped for decades”, Meta said.

Pilgrims, coming from all of Albania but even from abroad, have placed tents starting from August 19th. Some will stay until the end of the pilgrimage, August 25th.

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