Another diplomatic incident between Greece and Macedonia
Another diplomatic incident between Greece and Macedonia
The relations between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia may have faced another incident, which official Athens considered as provocative.

The incident was caused in Toronto, Canada, where Mcaedonia’s consul appeared in an event with a map of the so called “Greater Macedonia”,

Besides this, concul Jovica Palashevski has also made appeals of irredentism.

“Skopje has violated once again the Temporary Agreement which clearly requires avoiding acts of territorial claims”, the Greek Foreign Ministry underlined.

According to Athens, the new government in Skopje is trying to establish a new start between both countries, but it seems that despite the new politicians, irredentism is the prevailing ideology and daily practice of policies in the neighboring country.

The Greek Foreign Ministry asked the government led by Zave to abandon this phenomenon and start respecting good–neighboring principles.

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