Parliament ready for super-busy political Monday, with new technical Ministers appointed
Parliament ready for super-busy political Monday, with new technical Ministers appointed
The technical Interior Minister proposed by the Democratic Party, colonel Dritan Demiraj, comes from the ranks of the Albanian Armed Forces, with a 24-year-long career. Since 2014 he has been living in the USA.

Demiraj is one of the first commanders who led the Special Commando troops in the first peace-keeping missions in Afghanistan and other countries.

Demiraj is currently a reserve, since he was released from duty in 2014 for breaking the military status. He had made 104 trips abroad without notifying his superiors.

The Ministry of Defense filed two criminal records against him for abusing with the Commando Special Forces.

Demiraj had engaged the Commando For es, against the law, in a European weightlifting championship in Durres, and in another case for searching gold in Mokra.

Both reports were suspended by the Prosecution. Demiraj himself considered them lies, ordered by the Minister of Defense, who will be now her colleague in government.

But Demiraj’s conflict with Minister Kodheli goes beyond that.

The brother of Colonel Demiraj, Taulant Demiraj, worked as bodyguard for the former Minister of Defense, Arben Imami. When the Socialist Party was in opposition and accused the Military Secret Service of having spied EU diplomats and SP members, Demiraj was vice director of the Military Intelligence Service.

The Minister of Interior is also known for martial sports, but the political agreement may be make these talents unnecessary in government meetings.

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