Leaving Paris for Tregan, Elbasan
Leaving Paris for Tregan, Elbasan
Paris is the city of love, but Frenchmen Pirre Chavanon abandoned it for the love of an Albanian girl, and now he is living in Tregan, Elbasan, where he works as a chef.

“I moved to Albania two years ago for my girlfriend. Albania is a beautiful country. I have traveled throughout Europe during my all life, because of my profession, and I like Albania. It is a wonderful country. I love staying here and conduct my business, in which I try to mix French with Albanian traditions. Here I have cooked goats and chicken, but I don’t forget my French sauces”, said Jean-Pierre Chavanon.

His girlfriend, Linora, thinks that Albanians should contribute to develop their country.

“I have lived in France for three years. I proposed by husband to come to Albania and build our country like all others. We have everything that is needed for it”, Linora Llapushi said.

Jean Pierre got used to live in a village of Elbasan, despite the first difficulties, and returning in France doesn’t seem an option right now.

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