Tourist season open for natural spa in Tregan, Elbasan
Tourist season open for natural spa in Tregan, Elbasan
The Municipality of Elbasan has started the tourist season in Tregan, an area known for natural spa sources.

The Mayor of Elbasan, Qazim Sejdini, said that more investments are needed for the development of this area.

“We will give a new development opportunity to all Tregan citizens and the surrounding areas”, Sejdini said.

These spa are frequented by citizens from various areas of Albania andn Kosovo, which also has its own spa.

“We are happy with the natural spa. They are great. I have been to the Peshkopia spa, but this is better”, some of the visitors say.

Just 15 kilometers from Elbasan, the natural spa is receiving visitors from the entire country. Besides helping with rheumatism diseases, natural spas are good for cosmetic values as well, a service that is offered by several hotels.

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