Lawyers of January 21st victims: "We will reopen cases for reinvestigation"
Lawyers of January 21st victims: "We will reopen cases for reinvestigation"
The lawyers of two out of four protesters that were killed on January 21st, 2011, will file a request at the Supreme Court for reopening the investigations, as agreed with the Albanian government.

Since there are no precedents in Albania on how the Strasbourg Vetting is implemented, the lawyers will attach to their request a verdict given one year ago by the European Court.

A similar case is that of Joronovic against Lithuania, a citizen who was mistreated by the local police and claimed his case has not been reviewed properly. The Strasbourg Court gave a solution similar to the one of January 21st, starting it with an agreement with the government to reopen the investigations.

Lawyer Dorjan Matlia said that the path will be long, and they don’t even exclude the possibility that the Supreme Court may reject the January 21st case.

“We want to reopen the case. The Prosecution would be able to continue the investigations if the Supreme Court decides to return the process to the first phase. The investigations could continue with new evidence and make a better analyze of the existing ones”, declared lawyer Matlia.

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