Basha: "US State Department message was deformed by Rama and his media"


Basha: US State Department message was deformed by Rama and his media
The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, rejected Prime Minister Rama’s claims about the message coming from the US State Department, and made a totally different interpretation of that declaration.

Basha also attacked several online news outlets, and also the public television “Top Channel”.

“Conventional media are completely under the pressure and power of the government. Let’s start with the fake news for this week. This week we have two champions, Top Channel, Balkanweb, and even Panorama online, unfortunately”, Basha said.

“Top Channel ranks on top today, for interpreting my declaration about the Vetting Law. Edi Rama said yesterday that he is ready to postpone the Vetting Law after the elections. I answered that there’s no need, since we can do the Vetting Law right after we create a technical government”, the opposition leader declared.

Basha came up today with a new proposition: “The President does not belong to the DP, SP or SMI. He should be elected by the people”, Basha said.

The DP leader added that the election of the President by the people makes the President accountable to the people, not to political parties.

“Our battle today is a battle for free and fair elections, which will make way for the new republic. Since they want our contribution for the appointing of the new President, let’s amend the constitution so that he is elected by the people”, Basha said.

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