Thaci: "EU is delaying visa liberalization process, although we fulfilled criteria"
Thaci: EU is delaying visa liberalization process, although we fulfilled criteria
After the Albanian Prime Minister declared that Albanians will unite if EU closes its doors, the Kosovo President as well, Hashim Thaci, said that the lack of an accession perspective will have its consequences.

If the EU leaves Kosovo out, all Albanians in the region will live in a single space, Thaci told “Radio Free Europe”.

His reaction came after Rama declared in Politico that Albania’s unification with Kosovo will not be excluded if the EU accession perspective will fade.

“The European Union has no vision or leadership in favor of integration or enlargement with Western Balkan countries. This delay, this lack of a long-term vision, is being used by non-European countries, with ideologies that go against the spirit of the Euro-Atlantic vision”, Thaci said.

Thaci said that citizens are being frustrated with the lack of flexibility from the EU and with their blockade to the visa liberalization process, despite the fact that Kosovo has fulfilled all necessary criteria.

“I have said it in 2013 and I will say it again. If the EU closes its door for Kosovo, Albanians will live in a single space, to integrate later with the European family”, he said.

Edi Rama said on Politico that Europe might face a real nightmare if Balkan countries go crazy, after they are left out of the EU agenda.

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