Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati meets Trump advisor in Washington


Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati meets Trump advisor in Washington
The Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati, received support from the USA for implementing the judiciary reform.

During a visit in Washington, Busati met at the White House with the Deputy Advisor of President Trump for National Security, Mrs. Kathleen McFarland, who said that the USA support the strategic partnership with Albania.

Minister Bushati mentioned the need to coordinate our efforts, in order to consolidate the Euro-Atlantic efforts, and improve the security environment in the region, in response to the factors who aim to destabilize Western Balkan, blocking this way the course of transforming reforms.

McFarland reconfirmed the strong support of the USA for the judiciary reform, adding that they value Albania’s contribution in the fight against terror, as part of the international coalition against ISIS and with the NATO missions.

Bushati is expected to meet today with Trump advisor’s for National Security, Herbert Raymond McMaster.

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