Rama and Meta decide to wait for opposition before appointing new president


Rama and Meta decide to wait for opposition before appointing new president
First round for appointing the next President of Albania was held this Wednesday although no candidate was announced.

However, the Parliament gathered to consume the first out of five rounds in total. Prime Minister Rama declared after this that he heopes for the opposition to call to reason and end the boycott.

“We must find consensus for a representing figure. We will wait. We’d rather have a right and accepted president”, Rama said.

He underlined that the majority will do everything possible to give Albanians what they deserve.

“We want to give Albanians a decent president who can stand above the parties and who is not unilateral”, Rama said.

Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta declared that today’s session showed their will for respecting the procedures, and also the patience to be able to speak with the opposition for a consensual process.

“This majority has the numbers to chose a new president, but this is an important process which requires the participation of the opposition”, Meta said.

He said that the conference of chairmen has decided that the second round will be held this Thursday, and added that there is enough time to discuss this matter with the opposition.

“We are going to wait for the opposition, within our capabilities, but this is not enough, because the opposition must also come forward. We hope that the next week will mark the start of a new dialogue”, Meta said.

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