Cold weather continues, four victims so far


Cold weather continues, four victims so far
A 60-year-old was found dead in Korca, in an abandoned building where he had lived alone the past year. Doctors say the cold killed him.

Ilia Lifo suffered diabetes and heart problems, and alcohol usage may have made it worse. It was initially thought that Lifo was a homeless, but Irena Bozdo, at the Korca Social Service, said he received full invalidity pension.

Lifo was divorced and had two children, but he had chosen to live far from them. He is the fourth victim of this cold weather.

Although municipalities and police precincts have helped the homeless, these measures have not been enough for the lost lives.

Some villages in Selishta and Lura, in Dibra, are still blocked. The situation in Peshkopia seems better, but residents still have to buy their drinking water.

Residents in Kollovoz, Kukes, are demanding the authorities to unblock roads from snow. Another citizen from the north reports that even the Shkoder lake has had frozen water.

Snow precipitations have continued in southern Albania too, causing trouble with the traffic.

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