British Minister attacks Albania once again
30/04/2016 15:00
British Minister attacks Albania once again
Albania became once again part of the Brexit debate. The British Minister of Defense used once again the “dangerous Albania” card.

The British minister of Justice, Michael Gove, warns British people of the threats coming from Albania and other Balkan countries if they join the EU.

“Think the EU’s bad now? Wait until Albania joins the EU”, Gove says.

“The Albanian option is not an imagination. It is a diplomatic fact”, the Minister of Justice said.

The Minister insists that until 2020, Britain will spend 20 billion pounds to prepare the Balkan countries for their membership. He underlines that this figure is more than the war against cancer in the NHS, the British National Health Service.

“Indeed, I wonder if the Albanian people are now convinced that Britain’s Foreign Office is full of Norman Wisdom characters, lovable chumps whose generosity and good-heartedness make them easily gulled into accepting all sorts of bad advice”, the British Minister says. He adds that 1 in 20 criminals in Britain are of Albanian origin.

“10% of our prisoners come from Albania”, Michael gove underlines. In this campaign, the British Minister mentions the negative aspects of the accession of other countries, but he mainly focuses on Albania.

The representatives who favor Britain leaving the EU, use more or less the same scare mongering arguments that have been used in the past for Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. They used to say that Britain would go bankrupt due to the immigrants coming from these places.

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