Reapplication for passports, Brace: "It's no mistake, but law violation with 11.6 mln EUR damage"


Reapplication for passports, Brace: It's no mistake, but law violation with 11.6 mln EUR damage
Top Channel reported that due to a technical error, the passports issued for children in 2009-2010 have an expiry period of 10 years, when it should be 5, and now they all have to change it. The Socialist MP, Erjon Brace, says that this is not a mistake, but a law violation and power abuse made by the leadership of Lulzim Basha, as Interior Minister of that time, with a 11.6 million EUR cost to the citizens.

Brace says that most of the affected are children of immigrants who are informed very late about this and their only chance to apply is to come home and use the accelerated procedure, which is costs 15.000 ALL, while the regular one is 60.000.

Brace says that this cannot be considered as a technical error, but those who have done it must be held accountable for their penal and civilian responsibilities, and citizens should not be the ones to pay for it.

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