EP passed resolution for Albania. Progress in completing criteria
EP passed resolution for Albania. Progress in completing criteria
The European Parliament passed the resolution for Albania, in which they recognize a significant progress with the political criteria for integration. But the “political fights between parties hampered the progress of reforms during 2014”, according to the document that “appeals the government and the opposition to cooperate with responsibility and constructivity”.

The European Parliament values that Albania needs to reinforce the democratic institutions, treat corruption and guarantee a depoliticized and professional public administration. The European Parliament notes that the fight against organized crime remains a major challenge, and that Albania must do more to guarantee independence, efficiency and accountability of the judiciary, and also to guarantee the independence of the public television.

The resolution appeals Albania to create a strong track record for the EU related reforms.

Fleckenstein encourages the contuinity of the reforms for a quick start of the membership negotiations, while underlines the importance of creating trust to the institutions. According to him, the Albanian government is working with the key reforms that are necessary to prepare the country for EU accession”, which “should be discussed in Parliament but also with the civil society.”

“The resolution praises Albania for the religious tolerance climate, the constructive and proactive stance of the regional and mutual cooperation, especially with Serbia, and the complete accordance with the positions of the Foreign policy and the EU defense, but the press release of the European Parliament adds “concerns of the European MPs regarding the declarations of the Albanian Prime Minister in which there is speculation for a union of Albanians in Kosovo and Albania”.

Other amends were presented for this issue only, after the draft of the past month at the Foreign Committee of the Euroepan Parliament, which had the support of the Social Democrats due to a softer language than the harsher version of the liberals, who criticized Rama for the same reason.

“Albania plays an important role in Balkan. We recognize its constructive and proactive role on the regional security, stability and cooperation with neighbors. We discourage the declarations that might give wrong signals”, Fleckenstein declares.

The European Parliament Resolution has only an advisory role in the EU decision making process for the enlargement policies.

Prepared by: Arta TOZAJ

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