World Media, Albania ranked 102nd

03/05/2011 15:10

Albania was ranked at the 102nd place in the world regarding media
freedom, and 16th in Central and Eastern Europe, leaving behind only
Kosovo and all former Soviet republics.

“Freedom House” bases their ranking by analyzing the events that have to do with media in 196 countries.

On the International Day of Press Freedom, the British ambassador, Fiona McIleham, said that: “The freedom of speech is a fundamental pillar of every democracy. Journalists, bloggers, media and individuals must be allowed to act and express their thoughts without any pressure. Media professionals owe to their public a honest and responsible reporting, in order to enable the public opinion to understand the matters, to challenge the government and their leaders, and to take decisions after being well informed”.

The British ambassador declared that this is especially important during this election period. Appealing the politicians and interest groups to support media freedom in Albania, the ambassador McIleham invited journalists and editors to honestly report the elections.

Although media freedom in Albania is sanctioned by the Constitution, the journalists face many problems every day for collecting the news. State institutions often refuse to release the requested information, although the Parliament has approved the law for the right of information.

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