Vucic, comments about his initiative for “historic reconciliation with Albanians”

17/08/2017 12:00

After recent debates at the Security Council regarding Kosovo, Deutsche
Welle analyzed the appeals of Serbian President, Alexandar Vucic, for
dialogue and historic reconciliation with Albanians.

Some applaud him for being a visionary, according to the German news outlet, while critics suspect that this is about a tactical maneuver.

Although the President has a generally symbolic role in Serbia, Vucic has given it another dimension.

For the past five years, Vucic has had power in Serbia by leading the most powerful ‘Party of Progress”, initially as Deputy Prime Minister, then as Prime Minister and now as President.

The man who in the 90s appeared as a vivid nationalist who attacked Albanians each day, today is looking forward to give a final solution to this matter.

The problem is that Vucic started this discussion without offering a platform, and analysts in Belgrade are anxious to know when and about what is this discussion going to be held.

According to the President, in this discussion should be involved also the Orthodox and very conservatory church of Serbia.

Dusan Janjic, Head of the Belgrade Forum for Interethnic Relations says that Vucic’s appeal for dialogue is just a technical maneuver before he decides about everything without asking anyone.

111 countries in the world have recognized the independence of Kosovo so far, but it was not recognized by five EU members and two UN veto-holding powers, Russia and China.

The idea in Belgrade is that Kosovo’s independence should not be recognized, but the reality must be accepted.

The agreement reached in Brussels in 2013, foresees a complete integration of Northern Kosovo, which has a Serbian majority, with the rest of the country. This was interpreted by many observers as a factual recognition.

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