Vokshi on the media regulation body: For Rama is vital the capture of the media

14/02/2020 17:15

In a statement from the DP’s headquarters, fromer MP Albana Vokshi said that PM Edi Rama is taking full control of another state body independent by law, by appointing his party mercenaries in charge of the central Audiovisual Media Regulator AMA.

Vokshi added that the PM move completely politicizes the institution, turning it in a political court for punishing journalists and closing news portals.
“Edi Rama has proven himself the number one enemy of free speech and journalists. Not a single day in his government has passed without him directly attacking the media and professional journalists. He has never stopped trying to seize any instrument that leads to media control or blackmail”, stated Vokshi.

Further on she added: “At a time when the Venice Commission is in Albania to gather facts on two media censorship laws that seek to dictate online media, Edi Rama is seeking to attain full control of another key institution in enforcing censorship laws, the Audiovisual Media Authority. Through a corrupt procedure Edi Rama is appointing his salaried employees to the AMA.

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