Vetting, Lu: “We are hearing lies”. Ambassador defends Euralius and Vlahutin

05/12/2016 00:00

The US Ambassador, Doland Lu, declared that the success of the justice
reform depends on the expectancies of the Albanian people.

“This will work only of the people of Albania have expectancies and demand results from these institutions. You need to expect that many of organized crime leaders will be imprisoned, that corrupted politicians, from both sides, will be facing justice, and that drug traffickers, judges, politicians and prosecutors, they must be afraid of this”, Lu said.

The Ambassador left to be understood that one sign of fear is the history of the Democratic Party complaining about a wrong translation of the Vetting Law.

“Because of fear, they lie about the EU ambassador, about the EURALIUS mission, the Constitutional Court. As the President of the Court said himself, the Court sent a reviewed translation to the Venice Commission, and none of the translation differences was substantial. We are waiting for the Venice Commission to instruct Albania about the reform”, Lu said.

But PM Rama doubted that the Venice Commission would influence the Constitutional Court verdict. He used the property law as example, several points of which were declared anti-constitutional.

“I have reason to suspect that the Constitutional Court will be brought by opinion of the Venice Commission, as we want. Because we have a previous similar behavior of the Venice Commission for the property law”, Rama declared.

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