Vetting Law, Public Commissioner says Supreme Court President must be removed from duty

25/06/2019 19:00

The President of the Supreme Court, Xhezair Zaganjori, appeared this Tuesday at the Special Commission of Appeal.

Last August, the International Monitoring Operation gave the Public Commissioners the recommendation to file a complaint at the Special College of Appeal against the decision of the Independent Commission of Qualification to confirm Mr. Xhezair Zaganjori as President of the Supreme Court.

Commissioner Florian Ballhysa said that Zaganjori has issues with the declaration of his assets. More specifically, the value of the apartment he bought in 2003 was 7.4 million ALL, but it was declared 5.8 million ALL. The same goes for his library, from 1.8 million ALL, it was declared to 1.4 million ALL.

In total, the value of his assets in 2003 was estimated 10.7 million ALL, but he has declared 8.4 million ALL.

Zaganjori, on the other hand, said he is open to cooperate and that he doesn’t agree with the findings of the Public Commissioner.

Xhezair Zaganjori

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