Vetting Law Commissioners, unpaid for extra hours despite promise

13/01/2018 18:13

The government’s promise that they would financially reward the difficult work of Vetting Law members has not been realized as promised.

The Prime Minister had promised to cover everything that was needed for guaranteeing good operation of the vetting institutions.

“We will not spare government resources for such an important process as the Vetting Law”, Rama said on September 26th, 2017.

When members were filing their applications, the promised pay was 600,000 ALL a month, but when the budget passed it was reduced to 280,000 ALL a month, which made the opposition accuse the majority of depriving commissioners of necessary financial sources.

The Chairman of the Commission of Laws responded to the accusations that they will be paid even more if needed, but the Vetting process would not stop.

There have been complaints about extra hours which the government refuses to pay. Top Channel has learned that 12 commissioners of the Commission of Qualification have asked the Ministry of Finances to pay them 5 extra hours a day, but the Ministry refuses.

Their work starts in the official morning hour, but it never ends in 16:30. Commissioners always have to leave their offices at 21:00.

There is a paradox about the pay level as well. The Commissioners of the Independent Commission of Qualifications are paid 280,000 ALL by the Albanian government, while jobs with lower qualifications at the International Monitoring Operation are paid 2000 EUR, or 267,000 ALL, and the IMO also leaves within the official hours. If the Independent Commission of Qualifications worked with the same pace, chances are that big fish in Albania will never get caught.

Top Channel