Veliaj: In peaceful protests, they bring their children. In violent ones, they take the children of Albanians

22/06/2019 21:03

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, visited the Municipal Unit 5, where he spoke about the best work done in this unit and the other projects that are expected to be realized in the second term.

Veliaj spoke about the efforts of the opposition to stop the elections of June 30th, and said that the latest protest showed how the opposition leaders use the children of other Albanians to violently attack the public institutions for their close interests, but when the protest is peaceful, they take their own children as well.

Veliaj said that Berisha, Basha, Kryemadhi and Meta are trying to divide Albanians and block the progress with the EU integration for all Albanians, while they take their own children to live abroad.

“This is one more reason for Democrats to vote for Socialists”, Veliaj said, as June 30th is the day that will decide the fate of the children of the Albanian people, not the children of politicians”, Veliaj declared.


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