US Embassy reacts before opposition’s protest

15/03/2019 23:43

One day before the protest warned by the opposition, the US Embassy appealed parties to remain calm.

The Embassy says that the current Parliament is elected legally and the opposition who renounced their mandates should allow it to continue its job for the future of the country.

The US Embassy reaction appreciates the progress done so far with the judiciary reform, while it admits that there is still much to do in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

Full declaration: “| While peaceful protest is a fundamental pillar of a democracy, inciting or committing acts of violence, including the destruction of public property, is unlawful. We urge all stakeholders in Albania’s democracy to practice restraint during the upcoming March 16 protest. The United States Embassy views the current government and parliament of Albania as legitimately elected through the internationally recognized elections of 2017. We recognize the good work that has been done to implement justice reforms in Albania as well as progress made in the fight against corruption and organized crime. There is still more work to be done. As those former members of parliament, who decided to resign their mandates, have relinquished their obligations to the citizens of Albania, they should allow those willing to work for the future of the country to do their jobs. We support all those who continue to be engaged in the democratic process in the parliament in order to keep Albania moving toward EU accession”

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