US DAS in Prishtina: “No one can veto army. Border with Montenegro must be resolved”

12/03/2018 19:36

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia, Wess Mitchell, met with President Hashim Thaci in Kosovo today, in a meeting that focused on the border demarcation with Montenegro.

“Kosovo has achieved a lot in its first 10 years of independence, showing big achievements with the economy. But it should take important steps to secure the path towards European integration. It should resolve the border issue with Montenegro. Kosovo cannot choose its future all alone”, he said.

President Thaci said no one in Kosovo has any interest to delay the demarcation matter.

Mitchell had a strong message for the army as well, saying that no one should veto its transformation.

Mitchell started from Prishtina his Balkan tour, which will go on in Skopje, Belgrade, Athens and Niccosia, until March 17th.

The US Democrat Senator, Chris Murphy, has been in Macedonia where he was received by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

Murphy, member of the Sub-Commission for Relations with Europe, Cooperation and Regional Security, made it clear that he would discuss concerns regarding the discrimination of Albanians.

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