Two police officers arrested for falsification

04/02/2015 00:00

Two Vlore police officers were arrested by their colleagues at the
Internal Inspection Service, for issuing a passport with false data. The
officers were helping citizen Viron Robaj, one of the powerboat owners
accused for causing the January 9th tragedy, in 2004, when dozens of
people died in the sea.

The arrested officers are Inspector Leonel Begaj, whose task was to accept the documentation of applicants, and Chief Inspector Lirim Lamaj, assistant-specialist.

They were arrested after the Vlore Prosecution opened a case after the investigation of the Internal Inspection Service. The officers are charged with power abuse and forgery of documents.

Both officers have tried to issue to Viron Robaj the generalities of citizen F.K, on November 27th, 2014.

Viron Robaj was wanted by the international police for “helping illegal border crossing with fatal consequences”. He has been sentenced by the Vlore Court of Appeal with 25 years in prison for the tragedy of January 9th 2004.

Viron Robaj was arrested in Italy by the Italian police. He was caught with the false passport, which had the generalities of citizen F.K.

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