Two Albanian teachers build school in remote mountainous area

12/09/2018 21:56

Donald Dervishi and Borsion Spaho are two Albanian heroes of modern times.

Being both teachers, they turned a dream into reality by building a school on their own, at the Venresh Mal area in Skrapar.

One year ago, both teachers participated at Top Channel’s game show “100 million”. They won around 2500 USD and then raised 10,000 more to build the school.

They received help with materials from many companies and individuals. This made it possible to realize their old dream, building a school in the village, where Donald is now the principal.

They were today’s guests on Top Channel’s afternoon program, where they spoke about their adventure.

“You’re not a teacher just because you have a diploma. You have a broader mission, helping students become someone in their lives”, Donald said.


Top Channel