Tourism without electricity, foreigners leave

11/08/2011 13:20

The long hours of darkness in the town of Saranda have “frightened” some holiday makers who had chosen Ksamil for these hot summer days.


The lack of the electrical power has become an anti-tourist phenomena for Ksamil in the recent days. CEZ continues to challenge the tourism of the local businesses in this town, who have invested in tourist services there where used to be only rocks by the seaside.

The constant concern of the 12 businesses here, and also for the supermarkets and restaurants, is the low power current, not more than 80 volts. The residents have been frequently complaining about broken home appliances, but no one has taken any responsibility for their damages, while the phenomenon goes on. The small town stayed in total darkness this Tuesday night, for many long hours.

The first consequence of this power cut was felt in the next morning, when several families left and closed their holidays in Ksamil, due to the difficult conditions that CEZ is creating for this coastal town.

At least four foreign tourist families left one of the hotels yesterday.

“Seven foreign families had booked my hotel for one week, but they left after the darkness that CEZ gave us”, declares Jani Jotopulli, owner of this hotel. He says that besides his money, the Albanian tourism also has lost its good name.


The same situation continued in Saranda, since CEZ didn’t think it was appropriate to make a prior notification for the power cuts, as an obligation towards their clients, the families and businesses. This has made the city of Saranda to stay in darkness for about one hour, after a defect in the power system.

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