Tirana Municipality presents the transparency portal, “Open Data”

19/04/2017 10:45

The Tirana Municipality started the “Open Data” website, a portal where
they will post detailed information regarding their public works and all
services offered by this institution.

The initiative aims to increase transparency, giving access to journalists, civil society members and to every single citizen.

Every citizen will be able to see in details investments made by the municipality for the infrastructure of the city, urban transportation lines, green spaces, traffic near their areas, education, employment, public security, sport, culture, etc.

Mayor Veliaj says that the increased detailed attention on the works done by the municipality will improve their cooperation with citizens or other actors, who may come up with brilliant ideas.

The project was realized in cooperation with the UN Office in Tirana. Their coordinator said this was a valuable initiative for every institution, and should be implemented by the rest of the public administration as well.

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