Tirana Municipality cooperates with National Agency of Aqueducts and Canalization

13/02/2018 21:41

The Municipality of Tirana is the first local institution signing an agreement with the National Agency of Aqueducts and Canalizations (NAAC).

The agreement signed by Mayor Veliaj and the Director of NAAC aims to improve water supply for citizens and better treat sewerage waters.

“I am happy that we are the first municipality signing this agreement. After successfully stabilizing the energy situation in the country and the financial accounts, we are uniting our forces for another challenge, that of rehabilitating the canalization system. Certainly, citizens want better service. But service comes through goods that have a cost”, the Mayor said, adding that the Municipality commits to modernize the service, increase investments and punish offenders.

“We started off with bigger businesses, which sometimes are the biggest abusers since they have a higher income. Then we will work with families”, he said.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Damian Gjiknuri, thanked Mayor Veliaj for joining this important initiative. “We cannot succeed if Mayors don’t take this seriously. Water sources are local, but also national assets that have a cost for the state budget. This operation will be successful only if all municipalities cooperate”, Gjiknuri declared.

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