Tirana Mayor: “Public transportation company with electric buses”

14/11/2017 16:00

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, said that the municipality will have its own public transportation company with electric buses.

Veliaj spoke in Bonn, Germany, where Albania’s capital was chosen as a success model for the implementation of environment-friendly projects.

Veliaj said that the Tirana Municipality will revolutionize the entire public transportation in Tirana with electric and ecological vehicles.

“We appeal all transportation companies to start ordering electric buses. Companies that have electric buses to lease or to operate them in Tirana, must know that we will give them priority”, the Mayor declared.

Veliaj added that if the current private operators don’t start their procedures for bringing electric buses, the Municipality will create its own public company that will offer this standard.

The Mayor said that by adding bicycle lanes they have also increased the city’s options for environment-friendly transportation.

As for the Tirana Aqueduct, Mayor Veliaj said that the company has now gained trust, and it will receive loans from the EBRD, which will allow new investments in the Unaza e Re area. Within five years, Veliaj says, Tirana will end the water supply problem.

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