The Swedish billionaire who donated 5.5 mln EUR to senior couple in Albania

26/01/2019 18:10

A Swedish billionaire, living in Switzerland, has caused a stir among the Albanian Police.

Authorities started an investigation after finding out that he had transferred 5 million Euros to a modest family of senior citizens in Gjader, Lezhe. The reason for the transfer is: “Donation for my friend”.

The businessman is called Sten Ake Lindholm, and the family from Gjader has been under investigation for months. The 5.5 million EUR were seized under suspicion that the Swedish businessman may have made the transfer for his own profit.

Top Channel has learned that Pjeter and Shqipe Voci, the couple who received the money, have a daughter, Adelina Voci, who has made an excellent career at “Biltema”, a company that is owned by the businessman in question, who is one of the richest people in Europe.

The Albanian police received information from the Swedish authorities, who said that Sten Ake Lindholm has several businesses in Sweden, but they don’t make his money transfer history available for the investigation.

Top Channel has tried to communicate with the three members of the Voci family, but they refuse to give interviews.

Top Channel