The dilemmas of the economy

29/06/2011 19:45

The Governor of the Central Bank, Ardian Fullani, declared that the
economy might grow with a very slow pace if the families and businesses
will not change their behavior.

“In these conditions, with the declining demand from abroad and small fiscal incentives, the production progress will depend on the behavior of the private sector”, Fullani said.

According to the Governor, consume and investment levels have shrunk in the first half of this year.

“Insecurities have pushed individuals to save instead of consuming. In these conditions, the business necessities for investments have decreased”, he confirmed.

The decline of consume and investment levels from the private sector, in the first half of this year was compensated by the high expenses of the government budget.

But the governor says that the government cannot stimulate the economy anymore, because it is obliged to lower the expenses.

“The government is conditioned by its commitment for keeping the public debt from increasing during the entire 2011”, Fullani underlined.

Mr. Fullani released these declarations after the meeting of the Supervising Council, where he has given another message that concerns the Albanian families and the entire economy.

“The progress of the course will depend on the individuals’ tendency about their financial portfolio”, Fullani added.

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